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When my son Maxson was diagnosed with torticollis he was just eight weeks old. Of course being a first time mom, I was determined to find the best PT for his condition, so when we went to see Sophie I knew she was the best. The other PT we had been to, told me there was nothing I could do about my son’s flat head syndrome, aside from the helmet. Sophie immediately talked us through how we could alter the shape of my son’s head and helped him to have a more symmetrical head shape (avoiding the helmet), while simultaneously addressing the torticollis. Sophie is INCREDIBLE at her job. Not only was she amazing with our son ( he fell in love), but her knowledge of torticollis and flat head syndrome is exceptional. She was so patient with all of my questions and concerns and would even go out of her way to make sure to email me even if it was late or she was on vacation out of the country!!! Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Sophie and for all that she has done for my son. In just four months under her care, Maxson is torticollis free and crawling all over town!!! My pediatrician was blown away by the progress Maxson had made in such a short amount of time. If you or someone you know has an infant with torticollis, please go to see Sophie.

Jennifer Perry,
Group and Private Yoga Instructor
Former Dancer, Spider-Man on Broadway

Chad Dennis,
Private Yoga Instructor to Maroon Five

I was very nervous to start PT for our daughter but fortunately Dr. Hamilton, our pediatrician recommended that we go see Dr. Sophie. I was afraid that the stretching would hurt her. My fears were put to rest as soon as we arrived. Our daughter loved going to see Dr. Sophie. She enjoyed playing in the room with all of the toys and never cried when she was doing her stretches. Dr. Sophie would sing, rock and bounce her as she performed the stretches. She was very patient as she explained the exercises to me and would show me again and again if I was not grasping it properly. Our daughter improved quickly and you would never know now that she once had torticollis. The photo studies that Dr. Sophie creates are extremely helpful. I was able to see the problems and see the progress as we went along in her treatment.

Maureen and Michael Singh

We knew from the time my daughter was 3 weeks old that she had torticollis, as it affected breastfeeding and the muscle growth on the right side of her face. At 2 months of age, she started treatment with an osteopath who implemented pediatric craniosacral therapy, which involved very subtle movements. Although there were slight improvements after 4 visits of craniosacral therapy, it was nothing like what we witnessed after seeing Sophie. When my daughter was 5 months old, we brought her to Sophie for treatment of her torticollis. Sophie is gentle and caring, yet gets “in there” and implements hands-on therapy directly to the areas that need to be worked on, without the child even realizing it! We were told that our daughter would need a helmet for a flat spot on one side of her head, but after seeing Sophie for a couple of months, that was no longer an issue. I can’t recommend her enough. We have long since finished physical therapy and have had good long-term results. My daughter has perfect range of motion and a body that stands straight! Thanks Sophie!

Maureen O’Keefe-Mailloux

My wife and I were referred to Sophie by our pediatrician after our infant daughter was diagnosed with torticollis. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a similar boat – so I’ll cut to the chase. Sophie has a nurturing soul, an incredibly gentle touch, and has clearly done her homework. And her follow-through is simply amazing. She was willing and available to answer all of the myriad of questions we had as treatment progressed. I make it a habit to sample a variety of practitioners for any medical treatment. Sophie was far-and-away our top choice.

Steven Binder,
Writer/producer (co-executive producer, NCIS on CBS)

Our pediatrician told us my son’s head was askew. The next day, Dr. John Graham, the craniofacial specialist, diagnosed him with infant torticollis and referred us to see Dr. Sophie Tritasavit for treatment. The day after that, Sophie was in my living room working with my son. That’s health care delivery. It is a parent’s worst fear- a precious new baby, an unfamiliar diagnosis, an exotic name and a speculated cause. If the solution is not correctly implemented, there are long term potential problems for the child. Sophie is a specialist. During the first visit, Sophie explained what we were dealing with in a comprehensible manner. She outlined the treatment plan and we got started right away. Sophie performed physical therapy, gave us exercises to do in between her visits, provided us with feedback and updated evaluations, modified the exercises as needed based on development and progress, and taught us a lot. In addition to being an expert at her specialty, Sophie is a mom with a very broad knowledge of child-related issues. She is an understanding consultant whose reassurances regarding child-related concerns are extremely valuable. Health care delivery is a challenge. Sophie Tritasavit delivered expert health care, at our convenience, in our house, and now our son is cured. We will be forever grateful.

Joshua Blacker, PhD

Sheila Murphy, PhD
Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

My son started physical therapy with Sophie when he as about 4 months old due to torticollis. She is so caring and compassionate that he bonded with her immediately and actually enjoyed the therapy sessions! I had so many concerns. It was reassuring to work with someone of her experience and knowledge regarding his condition. I am so thankful to have had Sophie work with my son.

Kristen Nakada,
Owner of Bellamie Children’s Boutique

Sophie was wonderful to work with- very knowledgeable about my twin babies’ development while also knowing exactly how to make them feel comfortable during the PT sessions.

Jamia Bigalow,
Mom of twins Grant and Lila

Sophie you have been an absolute ‘God-send’. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. Jonah would not be where he is today without you. From the onset, your keen observations were of invaluable importance. We are so grateful for your expert advice and guidance. You were amazing with how you brought our son, Jonah, up to par with his motor skills and corrected his head-tilt. You did it all with such a soft, yet effective approach that Jonah would actually get excited about working with you! You have surpassed all our expectations and have been amazing! We are sure that Jonah will miss you! We are very blessed to have had you in our lives and are deeply grateful to you for helping our Jonah become a healthier and happier baby!

Sharon Nassirzadeh
Sean Nassirzadeh,
Owner of Flora Forte Home Decor

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