Pediatric Physical Therapist

Torticollis is treated by a pediatric physical therapist, a licensed health care professional who specializes in the prevention, treatment and management of movement disorders involving musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and/or cardiovascular systems in children.

Treatment will include:

  • Evaluation of the child
  • Clinical measurements of head shape, neck motion and postural tilt (establishing a baseline is important in monitoring efficacy of exercises and rate of progress)
  • Diagnosis and identification of physical deficits
  • Establishment of goals and individualized treatment plan
  • Play-based therapy, manual techniques and developmental activities
  • Instruction on home exercise program to ensure carry-over of gains made during treatment sessions

Play-based therapy

Play-based therapy, which incorporates the child’s natural desire to learn, explore, move and socially interact, will be used to teach new skills and improve motor learning. Manual therapy include massage, stretching techniques, tactile cueing for symmetry of postural responses, and acquisition of age-appropriate gross motor skills. “Tummy time” activities also play an important role in motor development and should be started as early as the first month of life.