The unique care of EARLYstart

Specialized care

  • EARLYstart Pediatric PT exclusively specializes in treating infant conditions.
  • We are detail-oriented and provide expertise of knowledge in working with infants, from handling skills to therapeutic interventions.
  • 100% of the patient visit time is one-on-one with the Doctor in Physical Therapy.
  • We value quality of care over quantity of appointments scheduled per day. Thus, we do not double book or over-book appointments.
  • Our practice does not employ or utilize the services of any PT aides, assistants, technicians, students or interns. All clinical aspects of patient care and communication with parents are delivered directly by a Doctor in Physical Therapy.
  • Pediatricians, lactation consultants, cranial facial specialists, and other specialists typically refer to us when the child has an infant-specific diagnosis that requires hands-on care, especially when there is a critical time window for effective treatment.
  • We are strong proponents of early intervention. We evaluate and treat newborns as early as a few days old.

Personalized care

  • Individualized treatment plans- tailored to produce optimal outcomes based on the individual baby’s needs and responses to the exercises
  • Home exercise programs are devised to ensure effective carryover of the treatment plan.
  • The PT works closely with parents to modify and customize exercises so that parents will feel comfortable and be effective in implementing the home program.

Hands-on care

  • Baby massage
  • Therapeutic activities implemented to improve range of motion, posture, movement patterns, muscle flexibility, strength and endurance.
  • Tactile cues used to facilitate postural responses and acquisition of age-appropriate gross motor skills.
  • Parents taught how to safely and effectively do exercises with baby at home, as well, as how to position their baby during sleep in order to correct cranial asymmetry or flat spots.
  • Proficient in the use of specialized therapy tools such as Kinesiotaping or Tubular Orthotic for Torticollis to optimize correction of neck muscle asymmetry.

Nurturing care

  • We value a nurturing approach that builds trust and bonding during the therapy activities.
  • EARLYstart believes that play is the best motivation to stimulate a child’s active participation.
  • A play-based therapy approach is important in making treatments fun, positive and engaging for infants.
  • The child’s natural desire to learn, explore, move and socially interact is used to effectively teach new skills, attain developmental goals and improve motor learning.

Clear and accessible communication

  • Dr. Tritasavit makes herself directly accessible to the parents she works with via phone and email during the week.
  • Comprehensive evaluations, periodic re-assessments, and detailed explanations for parents
  • On-going discussion with parents regarding goals and treatment plan
  • EARLYstart maintains open communication with the child’s pediatrician, orthotist and any other specialist as needed to optimize care.


Through it all, Sophie was so supportive and encouraging, always focusing on what Noah could do rather than what he couldn’t. We couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist for him, and now in my own pediatric practice in Santa Monica, all of us refer our patients to her.


Alice Kuo, MD, PhD
Director, UCLA Medicine-Pediatrics Comprehensive Care Center
Chief, UCLA Medicine-Pediatrics Section
Program Director of the UCLA Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Associate professor, Health Services at UCLA School of Public Health

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